Healthy Eating in New York Neighborhoods

May 23, 2016

New York is famous for its greasy pizza, carb-filled bagels, and stacked high pastrami sandwiches. With summer (and bikini season) coming soon, it can be hard to keep your waistline slim when there is a different Halal or hotdog food truck around every corner. Some spots in New York have decided to take a different, more healthy approach to keep its customers feeling good and satisfied. We have put together a guide to some of New York’s most tasty and health conscious spots. We’ve tailored our guide for various neighborhoods and have included luxury furnished NYC apartments you should check out so you can rest up for another day of delicious bites.


Blossom Restaurant

Located at 187 9th Avenue, Blossom Restaurant puts a new twist on the standard for cuisine and creates a welcoming atmosphere for upscale vegan dining. The restaurant opened in 2005 and is tucked in a two-story historic townhouse. Their menu has unique items from cashew cream ravioli to Moroccan tagine. Blossom Restaurant is certified Kosher by the International Kosher Council under the supervision of Rabbi Zav Schwarcz. For more information regarding reservations, their full food and wine menu, and hours, visit Blossom Restaurant’s website.

Bombay Sandwich Co.

Located at 48 West 27th Street, husband and wife owners Shib and Shikha opened Bombay Sandwich Co. out of frustration from the same old imitation meat and gluten products when all they wanted was real food in NYC. The duo takes pride in using only the freshest ingredients to create delicious dishes like kale-pesto grilled cheese and French lentils. The two say, “It’s simple – start with fresh, whole and natural foods, then chop, mix and prepare gently. All of our food is made from scratch using just fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and select Ayurvedic herbs and spices. That’s it!” Check out Bombay Sandwich Co. for a tasty and feel-good meal.

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Financial District

Located at 155 William Street, Bareburger offers delicious sandwich and burger options for herbivores and carnivores alike. Among their list of unique options exist strange names like the Wiki Wiki burger and the Falafelwraptor sandwich. Customers can also create their own custom burger to fit their preferences and dietary needs. No matter what you get here you will be sure to leave Bareburger satisfied and with a good conscious.

Fields Good Chicken

When you’re craving a good burrito bowl but don’t want to break your belt with all of the cheese and sour cream of a typical Mexican dish, check out Fields Good Chicken. Located at 101 Maiden Lane, Fields Good Chicken offers various wraps, salads and bowls in an attempt to nourish active New Yorkers and to provide the city with a healthier alternative to greasy fast foods.

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Located at 685 3rd Avenue, Terri offers delicious vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dessert options from their southwestern “chicken” melt to their kale super food salad. Terri also serves delectable juices, smoothies, coffees, and teas. You can order a personalized Terri juice cleanse to detoxify your body, which can help with jump-starting a weight loss program or simply helping to adjust to a healthier lifestyle. For more information on their hours of operation or how to order their juice cleanse visit TerriNYC.

Fuel Grill & Juice Bar

Located at 112 West 38th Street, Fuel Grill & Juice Bar serves delectable organic dishes. If you’ve been craving a slice of pizza for weeks, this spot has you covered with low carb/high fiber pizza. Along with their delicious Italian dish, Fuel Grill & Juice Bar also offers energy plates, healthy additions, wraps, soups and more! If you’re in the midtown area be sure to check out this spot for a good and clean meal.

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Upper East Side

Candle Café East

Located at 1307 3rd Avenue between 74th Street and 75th Street, Candle Café East is “dedicated to bettering the health of the individual and the planet by serving food fresh from farm to table.” Their organic vegan cuisine is “rooted in sustainability, eco-friendly practices, local farming and compassion for animals.” The Candle Café East menu offers brunch, desserts, drinks (both alcoholic and non), and provides gluten free options as well as a kid’s menu. Check out this unique spot dedicated to bettering your health and the world we live in.

The Green Bean Organic Café

Located at 1413 York Ave, The Green Bean Organic Café provides vegan options and brings the tastes of the East Village to the Upper East Side. This café has a large selection of various vegan foods (as well as organic eggs for omelets and milks for gourmet coffees). They have their own organic salad bar, homemade nut milks, unique raw entrées, healthy organic smoothies, juices, and natural cold remedies. They also provide high quality gluten free options. The Green Bean Organic Café claims, “Moderation is the key to a balanced lifestyle. It is our conviction that in showing people a tasty, healthy, and affordable way of eating, this can have a positive change in the way people eat.” With their inexpensive and delectable options, this little café makes it easy for anyone looking to improve their diet and begin a healthy lifestyle.

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Upper West Side

Spring Natural Kitchen

Listed on Zagats “Best Eats Near the Museum of Natural History,” Spring Natural Kitchen provides good, wholesome, unprocessed meals from scratch. Located at 474 Columbus Avenue, this restaurant creates dishes based on favorites from cuisines around the world and makes them their own. All of their preparations are bound by one unyielding philosophy: “to serve healthy, carefully sourced and delicious food.” If you’re craving some clean and fresh dishes like seared ahi tuna steak or spring ramp potato ravioli with sea scallops, check out this delectable spot on the Upper West Side.

Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table

Located at 680 Columbus Avenue at 93rd Street, Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table is situated in an out of place but charming urban farm house where you will find their thoughtfully chosen menu of local, healthy, and organic American comfort food. They take pride in carefully considering each ingredient to reflect it in its most natural state. Elizabeth’s works directly with farms and co-ops to source organic, biodynamic and unadulterated natural ingredients for all of their delicious meals. From brunch to dinner, Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table has a dish for everyone, even the kids.

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Healthy Nibbles

Located at 305 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, Healthy Nibbles is a simple sandwich and juice spot for both vegetarians and meat eaters. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with dishes including organic eggs, salmon burgers, and organic wraps. With witty and uplifting names like the “I Am Amazing Veggie Burger” and the “I Am Magnificent Grilled Chicken Salad,” you can order with confidence knowing that you are about to eat a tasty and wholesome dish.

Sun In Bloom

Located at 460 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, Sun In Bloom provides accessible and delicious clean and gluten-free dishes for everyone. Sun In Bloom attempts to “offer a space that invites its guests to have a memorable and delicious experience that might plant inspirational seeds to live the life they truly want to live.” They specialize in organic, plant-based vegan, raw living food cuisine to help improve the lifestyles of their customers through their yummy philosophy.

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