Are Cheaper Housing Solutions Worth The Risk

In the last few years there have been some startups in the press offering cheap rides such as Uber and less expensive hotel and extended stay alternatives such as AIRBNB.

In the temporary housing market there will always be ways to try and pay a bit less by using illegal and unregulated services. Like anything else a person must assess the risk vs the reward.

Know what you’re getting in a Furnished Apartment.

Be wary of misleading ads, dwelling descriptions and reviews that may be fabricated. Even if the individual hosting the rental is trustworthy, question the environment around the rental property, including neighbors and noise.

A reputable furnished housing company provides transparency with regard to the parties involved and the immediate surroundings including photos, the name of the building, its amenities, local services, public transportation and a map of neighborhood.

… And Something Always Goes Wrong

When using services like AIRBNB you may be a part of an illegal transaction that may not seem like a huge deal but can completely change things if there is a problem. Many times the person you’re renting to is not even residing in the same city you are.

Some things to consider are?

  • Who is liable for any accidents?
  • What if a neighbor is loud at late hour or likes to cook very pungent exotic food?
  • What if that same neighbor complains about you and the police come? …Remember they are there legally and you are not!
  • Can you be thrown out of an AIRBNB apartment at a moment’s notice?
  • Was it cleaned properly and inspected for rodents, cockroaches and bedbugs?
  • Who do you call for plumbing emergencies?
  • What if you absolutely just hate the place you are in?

Matt Damico, a temporary housing specialist at Alternative Business Accommodations and IDEAL Furnished Housing explains “We go through great lengths to select the best buildings for our apartments and help our clients choose the best location depending on their needs. “It’s rare that one of our clients request a transfer of their location but we can usually move them to a new apartment or even a different building. We have our own quality and cleaning staff and not a contracted one. Our guests know they can call our main office in Midtown Manhattan and get a live person immediately to help them with their problem or dispatch a staff member to assist. People like knowing they are not completely alone in their own in a new city.”

It is New York City After All…

While NYC is one of the most beautiful and exciting cites in the world, it also has the problems that any large city has including crime. The law in New York City states that only hotels may rent rooms for less than 30 days unless the unit is owner occupied. While renting in an unlicensed hotel or apartment you’re dealing with a person or organization that may be knowingly breaking the housing laws of New York. A traveler also never knows who else in the building is aware that they are in from out of town and could be an easy target.

Security is a priority for furnished housing providers. Arrangements are private and professional. Many facilities have a 24-hour doorman in addition to round-the-clock customer service.

Though a professional extended stay housing company may be a little more expensive, there is peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a team of business professionals held accountable for delighting residents. Our clients include business travelers and executives from some of the world’s best known companies and organizations. All transactions are above board, and the residences are designed with the safety and comfort of you and your family in mind.

The need for temporary housing naturally arises as a result of transition or travel, which often involves some level of stress. A reputable furnished apartment company alleviates concerns over comfort, security and overall satisfaction. Gray area organizations may have appeal at first, but choose wisely.