NYC furnished accomodations for those betwixt and between apartments

July 11, 2015

A furnished apartment in New York City is the perfect stop-gap solution for a wide range of temporary housing needs. Once regarded exclusively for corporate assignments, these well-appointed residences are now attracting visitors outside the corporate arena.

During remodeling, a home becomes inhabitable if the bathroom or kitchen is not functional, or floor finishing produces dust and toxic fumes. There is also a safety factor to consider, especially with children and pets in the household. Until the home is fully functional, furnished apartments fill the need. Many buildings are pet-friendly and each unit includes a kitchen with all essential supplies. Renovations are expensive and adding to that cost by dining out on a daily basis is not desirable. A private kitchen with pots, pans, utensils and dishware is a must-have under these circumstances.

It is unlikely that a new hire will receive a comprehensive relocation package from an employer, and a start date may precede the selection of a new home at destination. Daily hotel rates can be cost prohibitive and the setting is impractical for a family. Alighting in a short-term residence with inclusions like high-speed internet, cable and bi-weekly housekeeping, bridges the divide from one home to another.

When a relocation does not coincide with a lease start date or a home closing, the transition can exacerbate an already stressful move. Even for personal moves, the timing is not always optimal. Sometimes a buyer needs to push up a closing date and though the seller is agreeable to vacate early, their next home is not yet available. A polished apartment with contemporary decor, luxurious bedroom linens and bathroom frills may override the inconvenience of moving sooner than planned.

Tragically, there are moves necessitated by a crisis such as a fire, flood or roof collapse. Rather than impose on amiable friends or family members during reconstruction, consider an apartment that will feel like a home away from home. Having a private space allows for quiet time to assimilate the situation, manage stress and attend to the logistics of getting life back on track. Property amenities often include a health club, media lounge and unlimited local telephone service.

New York City is home to some of the best hospitals, drawing patients from all over the country. During out-patient treatments or lengthy hospital stays, accompanying family members benefit from short-stay housing. A pristine housing facility with an on-site pool and fitness center, staffed by felicitous professionals, can be a catalyst for relaxation.

Corporate apartments serve the needs of individuals and families. Whether the move is opportune or untimely, residents can ensconce in rich furnishings in a facility designed to pamper guests. In New York City, many of these buildings include a 24-hour doorman, concierge, laundry facilities, hardwood floors and spectacular views. Business travelers, out-of-town visitors and others in transition are treated to a singular residential experience.