Furnished Apartments during Renovations

Major home improvements and newly built homes are a worthwhile investment, but along with planning the design and construction, remember to carefully plan temporary living quarters. Hotels are not conducive to maintaining the normalcy of day-to-day living, which is a critical consideration, especially for a family. Many hotels prohibit pets, and lack kitchen and laundry facilities. Furnished apartments are a turnkey solution with built-in flexibility for delays in construction and other unforeseen setbacks.

Sometimes referred to as corporate housing, fully furnished accommodations are the elixir that offers studios and one- to two-bedroom units with splendid in-room amenities: fully equipped kitchen, luxurious bedding, wireless high-speed internet access and bi-weekly maid service. The suites are conducive to work, study and entertain. It is also a place to ensconce with a good book and a warm bath. Most buildings are equipped with a fitness center, media room and 24-hour door attendants.

Management offers a personalized approach by staffing their buildings with professional, well-trained employees who cater to the needs of their guests. Every team member from the front desk representative to the guest services manager is dedicated to ensuring each guest is comfortable.

In the same way you wouldn't leave the construction or renovation design to chance, it is important to exercise sagacity in selecting a temporary residence. In a hotel setting, the additional cost of meals, pet care and professional laundering for an extended period of time would be cost prohibitive. In addition, extensions are tenuous and, if granted, may require switching rooms. Corporate units allow guests to extend occupancy within a specified notice period. Reservations for new guests are confirmed only when a proper notice to vacate is received from current guests. Furnished apartments are the linchpin that holds the displaced family together by providing an environment that is the next best thing to home.