Corporate Housing Overview

Real estate brokerage and corporate housing partners

Relocation can be an exciting adventure, but the transition period is often a harrowing experience. Real estate brokers and corporate housing providers play an important role in bridging the gap between departure and destination by facilitating the move into housing that models a home. In partnership, brokers and furnished apartment companies can leverage their real estate and customer service expertise to offer clients a one-stop housing solution.

Collaboration to resolve housing challenges

Corporate housing is a core benefit that many companies include in the relocation programs they offer employees. Employers work with temporary housing providers recommended by preferred Realtors and vice versa. The scenarios that present the need for furnished accommodations are varied: home closing delays, new construction issues, family home search trips, short-term assignments and extended business travel. Corporate apartments include features such as wireless internet, conference suites for business meetings and concierge assistance.

Brokers are called upon to resolve housing challenges for families when homes are destroyed due to fire or natural disasters. Having a strategic alliance with a professional corporate housing team enables real estate agents to help suffering families expeditiously by arranging welcoming accommodations with laundry and kitchen facilities. These agents are then positioned as a single point of coordination for all housing needs.

Brokers who lease properties are challenged in tight rental markets. Summer internships present a need for accommodations that are safe and suitable for work, study and entertainment. When demand exceeds supply, a best-in-class corporate housing provider can arrange a spacious, immaculate furnished unit accessible to shopping and transportation.

Realtor referrals

When furnished housing residents ask administrative staff for Realtor recommendations, an in-network broker acquires an opportunity to work with a potential buyer who has already been vetted through a diligent credit and employment verification process.

The symbiotic relationship between corporate housing and brokerage professionals is a great way for brokers to get a foothold in the temporary housing market while expanding their sphere of influence. Clients recognize the value chain of real estate experts linked to reputable, customer-focused temporary housing providers. It's a win-win situation!