Furnished housing in Partnership with Healthcare

Embarking on a journey to a healthcare facility is fraught with stress whether the purpose is to receive medical treatment, visit a patient, begin a residency or attend a medical conference. Staying in an austere hotel room does little to ease the burden and it is difficult to maintain a budget when eating out continuously. A fully furnished temporary apartment with kitchen and laundry facilities, inclusive of high speed Internet, unlimited local telephone service, utilities and housekeeping, is a cost effective hotel alternative for your patients and medical staff.

Compassionate care in housing accommodations is our business and we take it to heart. We design our temporary housing facilities to create an inviting environment that serves as a companion to the medical care you administer. Our corporate apartments are spacious, relaxing and private, and conveniently located to allow for extended medical/hospital visits a short distance away. Close proximity to hospitals also benefits each medical resident, hospital employee, and traveling nurse working long hours.

The interior décor is well-appointed with plush furniture and resplendent bathrooms. Each unit includes a kitchen with top grade countertops and appliances, and cabinets stocked with dishes, cups and essential cookware. Guests can prepare comfort meals and eat leisurely in the comfort of their private space. Furnished units come with fresh linens and bedding, and often include a washer and dryer. Our design professionals create this halcyon environment to help residents find composure after a rigorous day.

We can help your patients and medical professionals select a property that is suitable for their length of stay and personal preferences. Depending on the location, amenities may include a gym, media lounge and sauna to help them relax and regain their stamina. For guests with accompanying pets and children, we will check availability for furnished accommodations that are pet friendly and include a play area.

For all the reasons above, our furnished accommodations are currently recommended by medical facilities such as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. We understand what your patients and their families are going through, and our caring, professional staff is dedicated to ensuring that guest accommodations are as stress-free as possible.