Going Green

ABA – IDEAL is proud to present our newest initiative in bringing a superior level of service to our clients.  We have created a new program in the hopes of creating awareness and demonstrating our efforts conserve energy and protect our natural resources.  At the heart of our commitment to building tomorrow's legacy today is an effort that may well represent the single most important contribution our company can make in protecting the natural environment that sustains us all. We are going green. 

  • We have realigned our efforts to promote a variety of environment-friendly improvements to our processes, procedures and equipment. 

  • We have raised environmental consciousness throughout our organization.  We have implemented paper & glass recycling efforts throughout our organization.  We even include a tag line on the bottom of all our emails encouraging others to only print when necessary.

  • We have replaced all our standard light bulbs, for energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs.  These bulbs use ½ the energy of regular bulbs, they last 10 times longer and this creates less waste.

  • We only use 100% Natural Cotton Products in our bedding, towels and pillows.  These items are the most luxurious and elegant products in the market today, and they are organic and hypoallergenic.

  • We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products from the SC Johnson Greenlist product line.  These products help save our environment by greatly reducing their impact on the environment and human health.

  • We have changed our toilet paper, tissue paper and paper towels to 100% recycled paper products.  This is a small but significant use of our resources to help not only reduce our consumption of paper but also to help promote awareness.

  • We have installed Water Saver Pollonex Pouring Rain Showerheads, saving water and giving you a luxurious shower.  These save almost 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

  • We have upgraded our entire stock of plastic hangers with wooden hangers.  These hangers last longer and reduce the need to be changing them and creating more waste.  All plastic hangers were donated to notable charities

  • We donate 100% of our furnishings, lamps and other home goods to notable charities with hopes of not only helping people in need but also reducing our carbon footprint.

    The world has a fixed amount of natural resources - some of which are already depleted. Some of the greatest dangers to future resources come from things we throw away everyday. Throwing away items that could be recycled diminishes energy, water and natural resources that could be saved by recycling. GOING GREEN is a multi-tiered program designed to help combat global warming, create awareness and provide educational outreach opportunities for our guests, clients and Associates.


The following improvements are already underway at our properties:


We are also inviting our guests to join our efforts. We are encouraging our guests to make the following small changes during their stay andonce they return home:

1. Set your thermostat to 72 o F (22o C) during the summer and 68 o F (20 o C) during the winter.
2. Reduce your shower time by five minutes.
3. Close your patio door and/or windows when the heat or air conditioning is on.
4. Open patio door and/or windows and turn off heat or air conditioning whenever possible.
5. Run the dishwasher and washer/dryer with full loads, when possible.
6. Turn off your computer and electronics when they're not in use.
7. Leave only one small light on while you are away from your home.