Boston Furnished Apartments

Boston is living history.

Boston is built on living history. Its gold and copper dome architecture, savory comfort foods, and legendary waterfront evoke a time of gentlemanly revolt, when the future of the young nation was still unwritten.

Waterfront Town

The first thing you'll notice about Boston is that natives hardly consider the letter 'r' worth pronouncing. The next thing you'll notice is iconic Boston Harbor. 

The Harbor is the centerpiece of Boston, and the site of a certain Tea Party back in 1773. Beyond the waterfront, downtown Beantown unfolds as a walkable blend of business and leisure, with craft beer taverns and Fenway Park, the beloved Red Sox cathedral, to help you pass the time.

Shades of Boston

Boston's signature traditions bespeak its cosmopolitan diversity. A true melting pot is the only way to describe the colorful flock of neighborhoods that lie beyond Beacon Hill, from stately Cambridge to Irish 'Southie.' 

Wintertime here is chilly, but you can always warm up with steaming hot chocolate on the Boston Common. In summer, many head down to salty Cape Cod to tour her aged coastal lighthouses.

Stay awhile and you'll notice this old city's novelty settling into a distinctive artisanal charm, well-known to seasoned Bostonians. 

Corporate Housing in Boston

For hearty accommodations in the City on a Hill, consider corporate housing in Boston by ABA/IDEAL.

Our Furnished Apartments In Boston

1. Archstone Boston Common
660 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02109
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2. Asteria
4 Emerson Place
Boston, MA 02114
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3 .The Devonshire
1 Devonshire Place
Boston, MA 02109
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